Alpine Land Information Services has been a pioneer in forest visualization since the late 90s, when complex issues in wildlife and wildfire came to the forefront of public interest.

Today, pressing issues in wildlife, fire, sustainability, climate, and carbon bring forestry to the national news cycle year-round. Now more than ever, Alpine LIS and the Visual Forester team are ready to provide industry-leading forest visualization solutions for today’s land management challenges.


Sustained Yield Modeling

One early project was this visual demonstration of a proposed 100-year management plan. This forest visualization allowed people to see the landscape over time and understand foresters’ ability to perform long-term growth modelling and sustained yield planning.

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Visual Forester in the Classroom

Visual Forester in the Classroom was an interactive application commissioned by the Forest Foundation. It was designed to teach students about the profession and practice of forest management. The software allowed a student to perform harvests and see growth modelling, while considering effects on economics, wildlife, and fire risk.


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New Experiments with Cinema-Style CGI

Alpine’s revitalized interest in forest visualization started with experiments that utilized cinema-style CGI techniques to create lifelike custom images of forest landscapes. However, we quickly realized the huge increase in value by letting a user input their own data and walk through an immersive forest environment.

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Visual Forester Stand Designer

Stand Designer is an application that is fully user-driven and focuses on the ground-level perspective. Stand Designer is the first purpose-built forest visualization application to be released in 15 years and we expect more new exciting tools to follow soon.

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Visual Forester Professional

Visual Forester Professional is the next evolution of the platform on a landscape scale. Stay tuned for more details.

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Alpine Land Information Services


Since 1989, Alpine Land Information Services has provided forest planning and information management services to the California forest industries. As long-time pioneers in the world of forest data, our goal has always been simple: to make tools easier and to make information more accessible. Along with field data collection and wide-ranging consulting services, our company has built user friendly software for GIS, inventory management, and long-term planning. Our goal then was to build software accessible to foresters with limited computer experience. Now, we want to make forest data accessible to anyone and everyone. 

At Alpine, we’ve built our reputation on developing industry-changing solutions that meet modern challenges. Through Visual Forester’s development team, we provide tools that allow users to move beyond tables, graphs, and maps. We’re empowering people to understand forest data the way we were meant to: by peering curiously into the trees.

Since 1989

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