Do you offer special pricing for students and educational organizations?

Yes! Just send us a message via the contact page and we will get you set up. 

Do I have to pay extra for commercial or enterprise usage?

All purchases of Visual Forester Stand Designer come with the same license allowing unlimited commercial use. If you need additional support for your organization beyond the current features of Stand Designer, reach out to us and we can work towards a solution to suit your needs.

What kind of data can I import into Stand Designer?

Stand Designer allows you to import a simple stand table showing the number of trees per acre by species (columns) and diameter class (rows). For Stand Designer to read the table correctly, the table just needs to be fit to our template and species codes and saved as a CSV. These are easy operations to perform in Microsoft Excel or any similar tool.

Can I import DEM/LiDAR/shapefile data?

Not yet. Visual Forester Stand Designer is only a 4-acre workspace. Given typical landscape-scale data resolutions, it didn’t make sense to include these features. However, experiments with importing spatial data have been promising. We plan to add this type of functionality to future applications if we get enough interest from the community.

Can I use Stand Designer to model tree growth?

By exporting and importing stand tables, you can easily use Stand Designer to visualize the results of well-established growth models such as CACTOS, FVS, or FPS. Stand Designer does not come with any growth models built in. If we gain enough support from the community and cooperation from the owners of an established growth model, it would certainly be possible to build a growth model into Stand Designer or a future Visual Forester application. The framework of Stand Designer is well-suited for an individual tree level growth model.


Where does your funding come from?

Visual Forester is fully self-funded with no outside investors, grants, or interests.

Where do you get these tree models?

All of our tree models have been designed and built by our staff here at Alpine. Many of the species were created by using photogrammetry techniques to recreate our local flora!

What tree species are currently supported?

Currently our library contains accurate and distinctive models for ponderosa pine, sugar pine, lodgepole pine, Douglas-fir, white fir, western hemlock, Engelmann spruce, coast redwood, incense cedar, western redcedar, giant sequoia, western juniper, western larch, California black oak, tanoak, quaking aspen, red alder, and bigleaf maple. And this list is always expanding! Additionally, if a species that you are interested in is not listed, but looks similar to one of the species above, it is possible to substitute the species name and biometrics data.