Visual Forester Stand Designer


1 seat
$89 (per seat/yr)
2-9 seats
$79 (per seat/yr)
10+ seats
$69 (per seat/yr)


1 seat
$19 (per seat/mo)
2-9 seats
$17 (per seat/mo)
10+ seats
$15 (per seat/mo)
$89(per seat/yr)
$19(per seat/mo)
  • Stand Table .csv import
  • Fine tune distribution of any object
  • Natural or Managed Distribution
  • Recreate stands from real plot data
  • Simplified distribution for other objects
  • Begin from a natural distribution model and modify the graph until it represents your ideal stand
  • Employ even or uneven age strategies
  • Create trails, roads, and crossings
  • Populate your stand with wildlife
  • Toggle stand structures on and off to highlight specific issues, or show the progression of a stand through time.
  • Create stand groups and manage subsets of your forest differently than the rest of the stand
  • Create a stand from a list of presets or develop a stand from scratch.
  • View details for individual trees like, Board Feet, Biomass, Cubic feet, Height, and many more
  • Don’t like your forest, burn it down and start fresh
  • Simplified fire model
  • Create three tiered stands
  • Record high quality videos of your stand with our easy to use dolly track system
Operating SystemWindows 10Windows 10
CPUIntel i5-7200 @ 2.5 GHz or equivalentIntel i5-9400 @ 2.9 GHz or equivalent
Graphics APIIntel HD Graphics 620 or equivalentNvidia GTX 1050 or equivalent
Memory (RAM)8 GB8 GB
Disk Space8 GB8 GB
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