Forest Visualization

Applications for Informed Forestry

Whether you’re a long-time natural resources professional or you’re just getting interested, we guarantee you can benefit from forest visualization. By providing access to detailed analytics and connecting to immersive visuals, we’re leveling the playing field and improving data comprehension throughout the natural resources field. 

Forest visualization software with industry-wide applications

Consulting Forestry

When working with small landowners and other clients, communication and trust are paramount to a successful working relationship. Decisions in forestry can have long-lasting outcomes, but these decisions are made easier when you can picture the results.


  • Discuss the details of a proposed harvest prescription using precise visuals
  • Present the results of a cruise to off-site landowners and contacts
  • Visualize change over time by importing data from growth models and long-term planning tools
  • Improve communication when discussing aesthetics and visual considerations


Bring together diverse goals and support balanced, informed land stewardship by creating a common platform between interdisciplinary teams, public officials, and community stakeholders. Break down barriers, dissolve misunderstandings, and make new information stick through creative use of forest visualization tools. No matter what your position in natural resources is, Visual Forester brings your talking points to life.


  • Compare and contrast multiple alternatives for natural resources planning
  • Build a 3D environment to discuss forest structure and its interactions with wildlife, fire, hydrology, and other intersectional topics
  • Present research findings and expert opinions in terms that anyone can understand
  • Give people a glimpse of the future or even the past


More than anything, the field of natural resources needs bright and enthusiastic young professionals prepared to thrive in an increasingly tech-centric world. Student engagement has been central to our mission since the start of Visual Forester, and we are excited to bring the forest to the classroom, wherever that classroom may be. Experiment with Visual Forester to see for yourself how immersive visualization can drive curiosity, comprehension, and creativity. 


  • Replace your whiteboard with a convenient virtual field trip
  • Help students imagine places, scenarios, and decisions which they’ve never experienced before 
  • Create an engaging supplement to analysis-heavy topics and help students relate numbers to real-world conditions
  • Visually present the results of student projects in ecology, forest mensuration, growth modelling, harvest operations, long-term planning, and more

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