Custom SolutionsTo Suit Any Need

If you’re interested in forest visualization but Stand Designer doesn’t satisfy your needs on its own, the Visual Forester team is here to offer custom solutions to fit your needs. Whether you need assistance getting your data systems integrated with Stand Designer, need a detailed visualization for a community forest plan, or have an idea for an educational video series, our creative and versatile team is here to help.

Technical Services

The Visual Forester team leverages the combined experience of 3D application developers and long-time forestry professionals to provide unique technical capabilities not found anywhere else. Our team is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive solutions for:

  • 3D software development
  • GIS, inventory, and planning software development
  • Visual Forester custom integrations
  • Drone surveying
  • Data processing and conversion (including field data, remote sensing data, and planning data)
  • Development of “digital twins” for forests and management plans

Creative Services

The Visual Forester team recognizes that active forest management needs a stronger voice in the media. Therefore, the Visual Forester team is offering its creative expertise to produce engaging educational videos about the past, present, and future of forests, wildfire, water resources, wildlife habitat, and carbon. Additionally, we can produce materials for landowners and professionals to help clarify forestry regulations or demonstrate common scenarios in silviculture and land management.

  • Large-scale forest visualization
  • 3D modelling, simulation, animation, and rendering
  • Story and script writing
  • Graphic design, map production, and data visualization
  • On-site video recording (interviews, drone flights, etc.)
  • Video production and editing

Got a problem or an idea?

Even if you’re not sure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can schedule a meeting or web call to demonstrate the technology and brainstorm ideas to apply the technology in your line of work.